Living --> Life

Competition "Open Living in Container"


Our contemporary “living” experience is increasingly crowded with useless objects, whose sole purpose is to feed into consumer market requirements.
During travels or in natural landscapes we are faced with alternative thoughtscapes, which require a radical rethink of what real “life” is.
We have to start from zero. Think, contemplate and put our thoughts about life down on paper, in ways akin to writing a daily log.

The exhibit is solely comprised of an old chair and a small table. Blank sheets of paper and a pen lie on the table. Visitors are provided with the only tools they need to put down thoughts precipitated by the profound creative solitude engendered therein.

The side panels are split into a mosaic of images portraying furniture objects, which are increasingly overexposed and out of focus towards the end of the container. Sea and wave footage is projected onto the screen at the bottom end. The sound of running water, sea and waves provide audio feedback to the images.